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How does it stay active for up to 30 days?

The electronically charged atoms in the chemical used are repelled to the surface effectively like iron filings to a magnet. The chemical itself, that has been charged, uses covalent bonding from silicon-based ‘Polymers’ that produce an antimicrobial protective layer on surface.

Do you need to have the surface cleaned first?

Although this method of sanitisation can be applied to any surface of any condition, it is advised that the area is firstly made free of dust and debris.

Do you offer general cleaning prior to sanitisation?

Yes, our sister company, New Age Cleaning can conduct ‘one-off’ or ‘contract’ clean of general duties prior or during this deep clean sanitisation.

How long does it take to dry?

Following application to any area, no surface should be comprised for between 3 and 4 hours. It is also advised that the surrounding area of application be sealed where applicable for this period of time (closure of doors and windows to a room).

Can this application be completed when people are present?

No, we do not recommend anyone present within the surrounding area of application, that are not in correct and relevant PPE. It is also recommended that anyone should be present in a confined area after application for up to 4 hours.

Can we afford it and what is the cost?

Bridgend Covid Cleaning are extremely competitive in the pricing of specialised cleaning even against less advanced and effective methods.
Each sanitisation is unique to you and your needs; such as the area to be covered and the environment of that area. Cost is dependent on whether this be a ‘one-off’ required sanitisation or a 30 day exercise. The 30 day rolling exercise also includes our ‘Hand Sanitising Station’ free of charge which is stocked and is a focal point where visitors, staff and patients alike can be reassured that you are under taking the most advanced measures every 30 days to protect against COVID-19.